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Silver Streak



Silver Streak (1976)

Henry Mancini 

Released in:

At Last, We're Traveling On Silver Streak
Luis M. Ramos (April 25, 2002)
Intrada has just done us soundtrack fans a favor by releasing one of the great works by the great Henry Mancini. Personally, this is one soundtrack I was expecting so much to have in my hands. Now my dream has come true.
It's understandable why the development of this CD took so long since most of the master tapes were deteriorated. The only surviving material was recorded in mono for the movie. When I first listened to it, I realized that Intrada had gone to great lengths in presenting the definitive edition of the score on CD. I thank them for that.
The main title is fantastic and incredibly catchy, one of Mancini's best. The source music is relaxing, and this helps me understand why Mancini was great at composing easy listening music ('Hilly's Theme', 'Something For Jill' and 'Men's Room Rock' are noteworthy). And let's not forget his action music, especially 'Runaway Train', which keeps us in total suspense.
The CD presents the complete score in mono, as well as some tracks in stereo that survived deterioration. So you will have the chance to experience Henry Mancini's "Silver Streak" twice. So to speak.

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