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Aile Ou La Cuisse, L'



Aile Ou La Cuisse, L' (1976)

Vladimir Cosma 

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Tasty gastronomic soundtrack
Dorian (December 3, 2003)
The soundtrack for L'Aile Ou La Cuisse is one of Cosma's classics, full of cheery and lovely sounding and very well arranged music. Apart from the first track, the main theme is used several other times throughout the album in variations, from the waltz "Cassoulet" to the classical "Concerto Gastronomique", which appears in two versions - the first one being a mix of the classical and original main theme and the second, the "allégée" version, being fully classical. In the second half, tracks like the mysterious "Ile flottante" and dramatic "Le Coup de laipn farci" slightly change the mood, which is then restored back with the last two pieces.
The Louis de Funès compilation CD contains all the main theme's variations, but does not contain the theme itself. Also, the version of "Cassoulet" included here is one minute shorter than the original, missing the middle part.
It is a pity that the whole original LP has not been rereleased on CD. Lots of the tracks appear on the Rabbi Jacob CD, and few others on the L'Aile Ou La Cuisse CD (I do not understand why it is called like that when the other films there have much more tracks included), but a complete CD version with the original cover would be certainly welcomed.

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