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Deep, The



Deep, The (1977)

John Barry 

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by a soundtrack collector (November 5, 2005)
John Barry once again proves what a master he is at film scores with this provocative and beautifullly haunting masterpiece of a gem in the score to the 1977 acclaimed film "The Deep." Though the soundtrack, for score part, is a little too short for hardcore Barry fans, this should not keep even the most hesitant at heart fans from purchasing. The score starts, as heard in the film, with piano, and string vibrations, that parlay into a full fledged orchestra, and when you are talking about a film like "The Deep" everything goes, from brass woodwinds, to shrieking violins, to calm, relaxing breathe like rhythem beats.
Side One is a twenty five minute suite featuring key cues from the film, put into on suite. Well done here is the sound and the selection of music, as all the music on the LP is taken from key points and integral plot of the film. However, when you are dealing with a soundtrack of only one sided film score, there are going to be several favorite cues(I'm still waiting for a cd to hear the piece of music when Treece and Gail talk about staying to get the treasure) that do not appear, and that can make for a bit of a let down, but all the music, Side One and Two will evoke such emotion, of all kinds, that you will forget what needs to be on and what doesn't. Some of the noticable cues in the suite include, the main title sequence, the cue when David and Treece find the ampules, the shark sequence, and the finale, as well as a quick pinch of the love theme midway through.
Side Two, contains two versions of the Donna Summer song, which I think was a great effort and appeals to many tastes, but did not have to be intertwined with the film, as well as the rock ballad end title and a disco song heard midway through the film. Side Two will please fans of the hardcore seventies placed music, and the tunes are very catchy, but the first side, the Barry side, is needless to say, the best.

If you run across a copy, don't let opportunity get the best of you! For this is a truly remarkable album to a truly remarkable film!

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