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Black Hole, The



Black Hole, The (1979)

John Barry 

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A marvellously gothic, sweeping symphonic score.
Bret Wheadon (January 19, 2008)
The Black Hole may have been sub-par as a science fiction film, but John Barry constructed one of the most atmospheric, moody scores ever to grace a Disney film. Beginning with the anachronistic "Overture", a heroic fanfare not far removed from John Williams' "Star Wars" soundtracks, Barry quickly leaves the cheerfulness of that moment and moves into the real meat of the score, with a rolling "Main Title" that quickly establishes itself as one of John Barry's most memorable themes. The unsettling rise and fall of the strings echoes the mournful wail of the damned - which may seem like an odd mood to set for a science fiction thriller, but works marvelously in establishing the unsettling danger of the black hole, and the subsequent discovery of the long lost science vessel, The Cygnus.

Barry uses darker-hued instrumentation throughout the score, with woodwinds, cello, and brass rumbling throughout cuts like "Durant Is Dead" and "Start The Countdown" while agitated strings flutter amid the doomed writhings of the films final moments in "Into The Hole". The only complaint generally aimed at the soundtrack is its brevity and stubborn refusal at being officially released on CD. If any score cried out for a thorough expansion and deluxe presentation, it's Barry's "The Black Hole." I, for one, would applaud a new, complete recording of this score, if Disney is unwilling or unable to satisfy fan's appetites for hearing one of John Barry's masterworks.

An oldie but goodie
Kim (March 22, 2006)
If you love a spooky tune that you won't get out of your head for a long time, try the opening title of this underrated 1979 sci fi classic done by Disney.

John Barry is at his very best here. The overture is as patriotic a piece of music as can be, stirring and soaring in its unique way. The score is so strong that it actually creates the entire backdrop of the film.

For John Barry fans or lovers of sci fi, this is a must have masterpiece for any collection.

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