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Miklós Rózsa At M-G-M (1999)

Miklós Rózsa 

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The place to start
This extraordinary collection is the place to start in learning about Hollywood's Golden Age in music. Rozsa's music represents that pinnacle of majesty and perfect representation of the movie that rarely occurs now a days. Get this.

Only rated 4 because of the sound quality.
This is a wonderful collection of Rozsa's years at MGM. Movies and music from a different age indeed. If you are a fan of Rozsa already, then you must have this set or you likely already have it. If you are not aquainted with Rozsa's music, then this is not the worst place to start. There are excerpts from 13 classic MGM scores on this set, most of the arrangements being around 12 minutes in length, but Ivanhoe and Madame Bovary are much longer.
Most of this music is making it's first appearence on CD, for example, Diane, Green Fire, Moonfleet and Valley of the Kings.
The sound quality is much better than what you might expect for 50 year old tapes. The performances by the famous MGM orchestra is about as good as you might expect. All in all, an extraordinarily fine collection.

Great Collection of Rozsa' s Film Music!
Finally Turner/Rhino has given us a collection worth waiting for. This collection covers Miklos Rozsa's prolific years with MGM. Almost 160 minutes of his film music is represented here in extended suites. Most of this collection has never been released before. The sound quality is exellent and often in true stereo sound, taken from the master recordings.The lavish 48 page booklet is worth the cost of the set itself. It is difficult to critizise this set, but it does have its down side. Several of the selections deserve to have thier own, complete, stand alone release. IVANHOE, KNIGHTS OF THE ROUND TABLE, LUST FOR LIFE and KING OF KINGS particularly. Rhino has choosen to give us excerpts rather than the complete scores. Only a couple of years ago Rhino/Turner were offering complete soundtracks for ZABRISKI POINT, POLTERQUIST,BAD AND THE BEAUTIFUL, DARK SHADOWS and others which included every alternate and unused take. However, for Rozsa we get excerpts. Rhino recently stated that they are in business to make money and not preserve film music. This philosophy apparently holds true with this release. Rhino is certainly watching its purse strings. It would have been wonderful if we could have gotten a 3 of 4 disk set. Still, I grateful that this set is available. It would make a wonderful addition to any movie lovers library of film music. One thing I should note, the notes mention that QUO VADIS is not represented because of the unavailability of suitable source materials,but no mention is made for JULIUS CAESAR's exclusion.

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