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Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers, The



Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers, The (2002)

Howard Shore 

Released in:

Superb, best soundtrack ever!!
Michael Longstreet (December 5, 2006)
Like the soundtrack to "Fellowship of the Ring," the Complete Recordings for "The Two Towers" is equally fantastic! Read my review on the Fellowship soundtrack for a more in-depth review, but this 3-disc set is probably the best set ever (along with the Fellowship set) to be released as a motion picture soundtrack. Howard Shore has outdone himself in three full films, and I can't wait until The Return of the King Complete Recordings come out. Compelling tracks like "Edoras" and "One of the Dunedain" feature great melodic tunes, while "The Wolves of Isengard" and "Theoden Rides Forth" are great pulse pounding tracks that put you deep in the action. Some of the stand-out tracks on this album are "Theoden King," "The Three Hunters," and "The Tales That Really Matter." Simply superb!

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