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Mercury Rising



Mercury Rising (1998)

John Barry 

Released in:

Beautiful Nerve Wracking Suspense Score From One Of The Best!
by a soundtrack collector (March 22, 2006)

It seems that some composers who have worked in the business of creating appropiate sounds for filmed images over a period of years become set in their ways and perhaps even boring in approach.

Not so with John Barry as evident with the music from Mercury Rising!

To experience this score is like awaiting an inevitable bomb blast!

Talk about edge of your seat excitement the sounds contained within this disc may possible leave the nerves of the listener wracked in an appreciated sort of way.

My impression while listening to this score without having seen the film was one of impending doom! Like waiting the moment when all hell breaks loose and trying to predict when that might happen in order to run for cover!

Dark and dramatic suspense score from an accomplished pro! *****

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