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Chaplin (1992)

John Barry 

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bAck tO tHe fUturE?
Three reasons why you should have this CD: 1. In love with the wish to return to innocence, or 2. In love with history/time, or 3. In love with Charlie Chaplin.
For me #1 is the most applicable. Listen with your mind to have a sense of a quiet smile and innocence cover you. If you are down and out you do find that peaceful state of mind for yourself. If you are in a good mood you get a feeling that life is good with all the ups and downs or as Charlie Chaplin would have put it, "It's not the ups and downs that make life difficult, it's the jerks!" So what the heck, life is short - be happy with the goodness around or find it to breed it, to use this album as the score! Exaggerating here? Chaplin did take it very seriously when he showed us, Laughter is the best medicine...

This is a very good C.D.
The songs are the originals, and not remastered. The 'Nonsense Song' from Modern Times where Chaplin sang gibberish is shortened. The last songs on city lights, when the girl finally sees her benefactor, is not included on the C.D. I really loved that ending. Nevertheless, this C.D. get's five stars from me because I'm a fan of Charlie Chaplin.
I felt that for some reason I shouldn't have opened it to find all these things out; instead save it for a collectors item. But I guess I'll just get another one for that.

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