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Aventures De Rabbi Jacob, Les



Aventures De Rabbi Jacob, Les (1973)

Vladimir Cosma 

Released in:

Scott Frisch (January 12, 2005)
Vladimir Cosma is not necessarily a composer you'd associate with funk, but this album's a good one. Lots of big band, choppy funk with a big, bold, brassy sound. There are also quieter atmospheric moments. The sound is lush and full - there's obviously a large budget, and a large orchestra involved here. There are all sorts of music-types here - French accordian tunes, Jewish numbers, all with a great tongue-in-cheek feel. Check out 'Crazy soldiers' for a wicked midtempo brassy funk tune, and the short 'La cadillac en folie' for some hard action. Easy fans will dig the excellent uptempo organ groover on the flip. Good stuff.

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The funny de Funes
Louis de funes is a french actor who is really funny to see but also to listen to. This C.D. has to be heard by everyone who understand french.

Good listening. Antonio

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