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Clear And Present Danger



Clear And Present Danger (1994)

James Horner 

Released in:

A very patriotic score
Kim (March 19, 2006)
Although James Horner never disapoints, this one stands out as one of his finest works. Clear and Present is a very patriotic film to begin with and the score only embellishes this central theme.

The opening credits are absolutely brillant, with Horner's usual dramatic flair. The use of church bells and a military style drum add to the effect. This is a sober soundtrack in tone, there's not too many "happy moments" in the film. However, when the sober attitude could have easily overwhelmed the score and made it drag, Horner uses it to every advantage and keeps it moving at a brilliant and businesslike pace.

For anyone who is a fan of James Horner, those who love Tom Clancy or for those just looking for a really nice all around score this is one not to miss.

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