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Père Noël Est Une Ordure, Le



Père Noël Est Une Ordure, Le (1982)

Vladimir Cosma 

Released in:

These Christmas are not merry !
Dorian (December 17, 2004)
Le PEre Noël Est Une Ordure is often considered to be the greatest French comedy ever made, though they never forget to add that you cannot understand the movie properly if you are not French. Because I have never seen it, I have no prejudices and can review the score as just 'a comedy score'.
Well, it is wonderful. Vladimir Cosma again surpasses himself and creates a memorable classic score. Though some may and some may not like the song "Destinée", originally known from Les Sous-doués En Vacances, which is also used here, and which was, together with the 4:30 main theme, the content of the original 45rpm record.
The main theme is very interesting composition - it begins with a double-bass intro (played by the famous virtuoso Marc Johnson), before another instruments join the jazzy mood, which develops into a gospel vocals without words. What a great music for a Christmas movie !
The three other tracks, restored for the CD edition, are also very interesting - we have here a synth track, as typical for 1980's as one can be, and then there is a superb variation on the gospel vocals, combining male and female vocals in several melody lines (the main theme is used here - and the voices bear reminiscence to Le Chaud Lapin). This track is the highlight of the whole great soundtrack for me. Finally, we have a non-vocal jazzy arrangement of the main theme.
What more can I say ? I recommend this weird and fantastic score to everyone, even if you don't know the cult movie. This is a great example of how to score a comedy in original way.

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