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Face/Off (1997)

John Powell 

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music done with heart and pasion
This Soundtrack is one of the best for an action movie, specially the opening titles, because the relations between father and son (Travolta and the kid) near with this opening titles is very heartbraking, and in the action escens is very amazing. EXCELLENT WORK MR. POWELL

It will knock your Face Off!
Face/Off is one of those CDs that the main theme stays in your head a long, long time. John Powell seems to becoming a great composer and this being his first. A great cd, besides the length, it's only about 45 min. unlike Hans Zimmer's soundtracks which are over 60 min. The theme is simply one of the great themes out there and the best part is that it sounds just like a Zimmer score. Alot of his scores you can't get, (also with Zimmer and Mark Mancina) like "Chill Factor" and with Mark Mancina I can't seem to get a hold of the "Bad Boys" soundtrack. I can't wait for his next score!

A tedious, missed opportunity.
Under the guidance of Hans Zimmer, John Powell created a melodramatic, sleek and thematic score for the movie Face/Off. Unfortunately for fans of the music, it's not presented very well on this CD.

Mosty, it's just noise. Hardly any of it is exciting and all the best cues from the film are absent. The inclusion of a clip from 'Messiah' in the first track is truly awesome. And, few seconds of awful noise aside, Track 1-Face On(?) is the only track that's decent all the way thru.

Some of the track titles are stupidly named and give no clue as to what part of the film they occur in. Even tho most tracks are a badly assembled mixture of random parts of the movie. I mean the music that booms during the Hummer/Airplane and speedboat chase is called Furniture on this CD? What's THAT supposed to mean?

Most Media Ventures scores released onto CD are this way. If the Face/Off soundtrack gave all the music from the movie (about 80 minutes say) in chronological order then it would have been a big hit. But it's not. It's arranged in randomly assorted suites with silly track names with the great music replaced by noise and sound effects.

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