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Friendly Persuasion



Friendly Persuasion (1956)

Dimitri Tiomkin 

Released in:

A Special Moment In Film Music History!
WorkingWithKnives (November 8, 2006)

Back in the 1950's a new record label materialized in the United States. RKO Unique offered the general public in home entertaiment that surely put a smile on the faces of Hi-Fi enthusiasts from Los Angeles to Long Island and all points in between!

Records racks across America supplied many an aspiring Romeo ample opportunity to wet the dainties of their beloved with such offerings as "Intimacy" (featuring pieces of poetic prose between vocal tracks dealing with the subject of hot in the pants love shown the respect due the cashier at Woolworth's circe 1956).

Poking around a junk store back in the days I acquired a pressing of this nauseating gem for a mere 50 cents American currency!

I have several other RKO Unique recordings that I cannot recall at this time. They seem to have gotten lost in the shuffle of the shuffling of mind and thought.

The Honeydrippers come to mind!

The two I do have in thought at this moment, (in my opinion) made the entire Vienna worth while. One being the television soundtrack to an early small screen black and white curio called "The Kraft Television Theatre". The other being the beautifully articulate score by Dimitri Tiomkin for the Classic Gary Cooper outing "Friendly Persuasion" (void of the mega popular Pat Boone version of "Thee I Love").

I was happy the Pat Boone vocal was not included on the recording! Only a genuinely fine set of themes by the old Hollywood war horse Tiomkin filled the grooves of this exceptionally produced classic in the annals of film music lore!

I found my copy for a reasonable price back in the day and have cherished it's individual beauty long before the advent of Compact Disc technology made possible by NASA and the space shuttle mission! *****

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