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Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in October 1958.

In the early 60's, The Beatles left a deep and indelible impression upon him. Daniel began his formal music education studying piano and harmony with private teachers and, during the 70's, studying composition at the Argentina Catholic University. His participation in several Jazz rock-fusion groups as an instrumentalist gave him the experience that was not available in the classroom.

Daniel Tarrab graduated in Film Composition from Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. Tarrab has been producer and musical arranger for various artists of rock and pop on the Warner Music Argentina and Sony Music Argentina labels.

In Buenos Aires, he and Andrés Goldstein created a music company named Swing Música dedicated to the production of music for film, cartoons and TV. Daniel Tarrab has produced for Swing Música original music for innumerable commercial campaigns in Argentina, Latin America, United States, Europe and Asia, many of which have won national and international Awards.

In 1997, he wrote the soundtrack for a near-future film called Cambalache by Stanley Gonzansky. In 1999, he composed the original score for a Spanish Animation series La aventura del Camino, a story of pirates, cavaliers and princesses.

Among recent achievements may be included the composition and production of the original music for the film, Felicidades, by Lucho Bender, which was selected to represent Argentina in the competition for Best Foreign Film at the Hollywood "Oscar" Academy Awards. The soundtrack of Felicidades was also Nominee at the World Soundtracks Awards-Belgium in the category Best Original Song.

The Argentine director, Luis Puenzo (Oscar 1986), invited by Steven Spielberg, president of the Shoah Foundation, created Algunos que vivieron, a film on the Holocaust with survivor testimonies. Puenzo entrusted Daniel Tarrab and Andrés Goldstein with the composition of the Original Music for the film which was premiered worldwide in 2002 by HBO’s Cinemax. The Shoah Foundation (Survivors of the Shoah Visual History Foundation) is an entity through which the director of the film, Schindler's List, channels a personal memory crusade, initiated six years ago. This project pertains to a series of five films on the subject called Broken Silence, for which the following directors have also been selected: the Polish director Andrzej Wajda, the Russian director Pavel Juckhrai, the Hungarian director Janos Szasa, and the Czech director Vojtec Jasny.

In 2003 the director Luis Puenzo entrusted, again, the composition of the original music to Daniel Tarrab and Andres Goldstein for his next film La Puta y La Ballena. Although principally conceived to serve the dramatic needs of the film, frame-by-frame, the soundtrack can be regarded as an unusual piece of work in itself. It features recreations of Tangos composed during the 1930’s as well as well as the composition of two new tangos which should appear to be created according to the style and performing manners from the 30’s. The score, dominated by string and woodwind counterpoint with sublime performances from the Buenos Aires Symphony Orchestra, also features a virtuoso solo performance by Nestor Marconi - one of the world’s foremost Bandoneon players. This music is a crossing point between the Tango and Orchestral textures. This original soundtrack has been nominated for the World Soundtrack Awards in two categories: Soundtrack Composer of the Year and Discovery of the Year.

In the recording area, Daniel Tarrab is currently producing Tango-End of the Century. Tango-End of the Century is music conceived at the intersection of Tango and Jazz, with the participation of Néstor Marconi (bandoneón) and Fernando Martínez (drums).


Algunos que vivieron Soundtrack Nominee in the Gardel Music Awards- in the category Best Classical Music Album.

Felicidades Soundtrack Nominee in the World Soundtrack Award-Belgium in the category Best Original Song.
Felicidades Soundtrack Nominee for Best Film Music – Condor Prizes

Best Original Film Score for Felicidades
Best Musical Track, Argentine Bureau of Radio

Platinum Pencil Award
Gold Pencil Award 3rd Quarter
Gold Pencil Award Musical Track 3rd Quarter
Gold Pencil Award 1st Quarter

Gold Pencil Award Musical Track 2nd Quarter.
Platinum Pencil Award Musical Track.

Gold Pencil Award 2nd Quarter..
Gold Pencil Award Musical Track 3rd Quarter.

Gold Pencil Award 1st Quarter.

First Prize Creatives Circle Mejor Jingle/Musical Track.

Grand Prize S.A.D.A.I.C a la Música Publicitaria.

Finalist Best Original Music Festival of New York.
Silver Medal Best Original Music Festival of New York.

Gold Pencil Award for Best Musical Award

First Edition Platinum Pencil
Bronze Medal Festival of New York for Best Musical arrangement of a pre-existing melody "Summertime"

First Edition Lápiz de Oro
Finalist Martin Fierro

Shortlist 34th Festival Internacional du Film Publicitaire-Cannes.

Shortlist Music & Lyrics Clio Awards  

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