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Mark Reeder
January 5, 1958 

Country of origin
Great Britain 

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Born in Manchester, England on January 5th 1958.

From being a young child, he was always interested in music, especially instrumental music. His earliest favourites were "Telstar" by the Tornados, as well as The Shadows, The Love Sculpture or TV theme music like "Stingray, Thunderbirds", "The Avengers" or "The Man From UNCLE" and later Jimi Hendrix. He was introduced to classical music at junior school and briefly learnt to play the violin, but soon discovered rock.

He studied advertising graphic design and while at college, became the Social Secretary, arranging disco-events for the students and running the record library. After briefly working in the advertising industry, he left advertising to go and work in Virgin's first Manchester record shop, to feed his uncontrollable addiction to music. By the late 70's, as the punk movement developed, he also became infected by rare German electronic music by pioneers such as Klaus Schultze, Giorgio Moroder, Kraftwerk or Tangerine Dream).

In 1977, he formed together with Mick Hucknall and Neil "Moey" Moss, "The Frantic Elevators" as the bassist. In summer 1978, he left Britain and moved to Germany. He was 'designated' Factory Records German "representative". On 17th June 1981 he formed "Die Unbekannten" (The Unknown) for a festival of German Unity. They recorded two singles "Radio War" & "Dangerous Moonlight" both later re-released in 2005 as Don't tell me stories. and later he formed "Shark Vegas" who released two recordings on Factory.

During this time, he was also co-manager and live sound engineer for Malaria! and later live sound engineer for "Die Toten Hosen". He travelled extensively through Communist Eastern Europe and helped arrange two very secret gigs in communist East Berlin for Die Toten Hosen, disguised as a religious service (a so-called "blues-mass" which could be classed as something vaguely similar to a black spiritual church service, where they have rock music, prayers and singing). Only this was the disguise for a forbidden punk concert. Researched, organised and co-hosted "The Tube - Berlin Special" one of Britains most popular and influential 80s music TV shows with Muriel Grey and worked as researcher/presenter on BBC's "Red Herrings" Berlin programmes.

In 1989, he was asked by East Berlin 'indie' band "Die Vision" to produce their album "Torture", in the state-owned AMIGA recording studios in East Berlin's Brunnenstrasse. He is the only Englishman to have ever had this special privilege.

After the fall of the Berlin wall, he starred in Joerg Buttgereit's controversial film, "Nekromantik 2" and wrote the electronic music score for the soundtrack.

In December 1990 he formed the Techno/Trance record label MFS (Masterminded For Success) using the initials of the hated Stasi - the East German secret police. MFS is known for pioneering the Trance sound and releasing the first Trance records, Reeder for discovering new and exciting artists like Paul van Dyk, Ellen Allien, Takkyu Ishino, Mijk van Dijk or Corvin Dalek. In 1999 he formed "Flesh", a record label for Wet&Hard club music, and also created a new artistic style called, HotKunst (hot-art).  

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