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Georges Delerue
March 25, 1925 

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Born in Roubaix, France.
Died of a heart attack on 20 March 1992 in Los Angeles, California, USA.
Sometimes credited as:
George Delerue
Georges Delrue
When a heart attack struck him in 1992 at the age of 67, just after the recording of the last cue for the soundtrack to a drama significantly titled Rich in Love, the world of film music lost one of its best romantic composers and one of the most distinguished representatives of the French New Wave. Georges Delerue was extraordinarily gifted for melody and at creating surrounding overtones which encapsulated the spirit of the movies for which he collaborated, enhancing them often beyond the expectations of their directors. Everyone liked to work with him because of his keen intelligence, sensibility and true kindness.

During his 42 year career the man put his talents to the service of nearly 200 feature movies, 125 short ones, 70 TV films and 35 TV serials with a constant humility. According to many testimonies he would do and redo some cues to fit the new editing of a sequence without any protestation.He insisted to be allowed to orchestrate and conduct himself in order to polish every detail. Constraints inherent with scoring movies in short delays seemed to stimulate rather than discourage him. This can hardly be understood by many people, especially amateurs of the classical repertoire who believe a composer can only give his best when he writes a concert piece in a complete freedom. As for some other giants in this field, stories in pictures proved to be a powerful motor of inspiration for Georges Delerue and necessity always remained the mother of invention  

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