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CD Prices rocket

Seems to me secondary market Cds esp soundtrack prices have skyrocketed in the
last 12 months or so, often 2x 3x and + to the UK compared to a year or more ago.
Leaving aside currency fluctuations, dare I suspect a certain greed factor? Not easy
for those on limited budgets building a collection.

Just wondered if there were other reasons-any ideas?

JohnBedigan, February 12, 2020; 8:28 PM


Scores (or any asset) costs what people want to pay for them. You can't expect someone to give away a copy for the money you want to pay if others offers more money than you.

I myself had to pay between $200 to $250 for specific copies of OOP sountracks, and for example now they cost nothing due to re-prints (for example, I had to pay $80 for a Silva Screen copy of A L I E N back in that CD is worth 10-20 at most due to the Intrada release.

Same with Predator original Varese.....

If you want to expand your collection, just buy $1 scores (there are many scores from known composers who are in that range, I must have gotten around 10 John Barry scores for $2 each), and wait until someone decides to sell a copy in an auction with no reserve and pray you are the only who will bid.

Personally, I really hope we could go back to the good old days of monumental prices on scores (prior to the Napster era, were people still appreciated physical copies, and not crap of mp3 downloads in 192kb).

The more you pay for your CDs, the more you will treasure them. And the more you will expect people to pay for them when you want to sell them, if you want to sell them.

nicolas28, February 14, 2020; 1:26 AM

Really appreciate the comment, and of course I accept what you say-I've been a
collector for many years, and for the music, not the 'value' of the CD. My general
observation though is that Cd prices generally and 'our' genre particularly have
rocketed over the last couple of years.

JohnBedigan, March 26, 2020; 3:31 AM

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