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New from Hereford Records
9-Jul-2019 - Hereford Records has released retrospective releases of We Still Kill The Old Way and We Still Steal The Old Way from the newly formed records division of Hereford Films. We Still Kill The Old Way is an electronic music film soundtrack by electronic/alternative artist Robert Geoffrey Hughes, aka Mr. Pelham which features 10 tracks from the film and three that didn't make the final cut. We Still Steal The Old Way is the selected score for 'KILL's' sequel by Chris Hurst and Robert Geoffrey Hughes, aka Mr. Pelham.  Both KILL & STEAL were written and recorded in Wales. For more info and ordering, visit Hereford Records.
Christopher Lennertz' Shaft
3-Jul-2019 - WaterTower Music has released the music for New Line Cinema's action comedy Shaft, the next chapter in the film franchise featuring the coolest private eye on any New York City block. The soundtrack features new music from Quavo (with Saweetie), The Math Club's remix of the iconic "Theme From Shaft", along with classics from the likes of James Brown, Rick James, Quincy Jones, and Bobby Bland among others. It also features 16 score tracks from Grammy Award winning and Emmy nominated composer Chris Lennertz (the Horrible Bosses and Ride Along films). Available from Amazon, Music Box Records, Screen Archives Entertainment.
George Fenton's Red Joan
12-Jun-2019 - Quartet Records and MovieScore Media present Red Joan, a classy new score by George FentonRed Joan is based on Jennie Rooney’s novel of the same name, which in turn was inspired by the real life of Melita Norwood. The film tells the story of Joan Stanley, who finds herself in the middle of an investigation for spying and treason. The flashbacks to her younger days slowly reveal how she got involved in espionage through the machinations of the charming Max. The score balances between Joan's past and present, finding a tonal language that sits well with the story of Joan in the 1930s without losing the sense of the story being told and remembered by the older Joan. For more info and ordering, visit Quartet Records.  
Harold Faltermeyer's Fletch Lives
9-Jun-2019 - La-La Land Records and Universal Studios present the fifth title in the Universal Pictures Film Music Heritage Collection -- the world premiere official release of Fletch Lives. Famed composer Harold Faltermeyer  returns to the comedy/mystery world and its iconic lead character FLETCH. Never before officially available in any format, Faltermeyer’s engaging and infectious electronic score revisits his famous FLETCH motifs, while spinning and enriching them in expert ways that heighten the film’s action, suspense and comedy. This presentation includes additional source cues, (with Faltermeyer clearly having fun with his Televangelist TV cues), plus a bonus track - the end creole/rock-flavored credits song “Make A Change,” by Buckwheat Zyedco. For more info and ordering, visit La-La Land Records.                               
Mark Isham's A Dog's Journey
8-Jun-2019 - Quartet Records, Backlot Music, Universal Pictures and Amblin Entertainment present the CD edition of the beautiful score by Mark Isham for A Dog’s Journey, the sequel to the heartwarming global hit A Dog’s Purpose, where the beloved dog Bailey finds his new destiny and forms an unbreakable bond that will lead him, and the people he loves, to places they never imagined. Mark Isham takes over from Rachel Portman—who wrote the music for the first film—writing another wonderful, tender and touching score, reusing excerpts from Portman’s main theme and creating a lovely new one. Produced by the composer, mastered by Patricia Sullivan at Bernie Grundman Mastering, the package includes a 12-page, full-color booklet. For more info and ordering, visit Quartet Records.
Claude Bolling's Louisiane
7-May-2019 - In collaboration with EMI Music Publishing, Music Box Records presents the remastered and expanded 35th anniversary edition of Claude Bolling’s original motion picture score to the 1984 historical drama Louisiane. It tells the story of Virginia Tregan's ruthless devotion to her first husband's Louisiana cotton plantation called Bagatelle and her love for the plantation's overseer, an Englishman named Clarence Dandridge. The definitive 2-CD edition features the complete film score (including alternate versions and previously unreleased cues) as the composer had intended it to be used in the TV version of the feature film. The package includes a 12-page booklet with liner notes by Sylvain Pfeffer, discussing the film and the score. For more info and ordering, visit Music Box Records.
James Griffiths' Lancaster Skies
6-May-2019 - Quartet Records releases the CD edition of the digital MovieScore Media album Lancaster Skies. It tells the story of Flight Lieutenant Douglas Miller, a former solitary Spitfire ace and a veteran of the Battle of Britain. After the tragic death of his younger brother, Miller transfers to Bomber Command. In the days leading up to a perilous mission over Berlin, Miller must overcome his past and become the leader that his troubled crew so desperately need. The heroic score by James Griffiths builds upon the composer's past in the military music scene, bringing together a versatile orchestra where every member has a military past. The music pays tribute to the service men and women, friends and families who either have first-hand experience, or have relatives who were part of this hugely important historical period, with the astronomical loss of life in Bomber Command. For more info and ordering, visit Quartet Records.
John Williams' Saving Private Ryan
7-Apr-2019 - La-La Land Records, Paramount Pictures, Dreamworks Pictures, Universal Music Special Markets and Amblin Entertainment proudly present the world premiere vinyl LP release of John Williams’ score to Saving Private Ryan. One of the renowned composer’s finest works, John Williams’ powerful orchestral score is a deeply affecting memorial to all who gave the ultimate sacrifice on D-Day. The composer’s masterwork finds perfect pitch throughout this landmark film, whether underscoring the horrors of war or the emotional and unbreakable bonds of brotherhood forged within its fury. Producer Mike Matessino produced this handsome double LP, newly mastered for vinyl. Approved by both the composer and the director, this 180 gram vinyl presentation is limited to 1000 units and contains jacket interior liner notes. For more info and ordering, visit La-la Land Records.
James Horner's Project X
22-Mar-2019 - La-La Land Records, 20th Century Fox and Fox Music present a remastered reissue of renowned composer James Horner’s original score from the 1987 feature film Project X. James Horner crafts another beautiful work, expertly weaving heartwarming drama, sinister mystery and love to support this thoughtful and dramatic tale of a flight training program for primates that is revealed to have a darker purpose. Produced for Fox by Nick Redman, produced by Mike Matessino and Neil S. Bulk, and mastered by Matessino, sourced from the original analog 3-track stereo masters, this special limited edition CD reissue presentation features a never-before-released track. This is a special limited edition CD release of 1500 units. For more info and ordering, visit La-La Land Records.
Danny Elfman's Dumbo
19-Mar-2019 - Walt Disney Records will release Dumbo, with a score by Danny Elfman. It's the story of Holt, who once once a circus star, but he went off to war and when he returned it had terribly altered him. Circus owner Max Medici (Danny DeVito) hires him to take care of Dumbo, a newborn elephant whose oversized ears make him the laughing stock of the struggling circus troupe. But when Holt's children discover that Dumbo can fly, silver-tongued entrepreneur V.A. Vandevere (Michael Keaton), and aerial artist Colette Marchant (Eva Green) swoop in to make the little elephant a star. For more info and ordering, visit, Amazon UK, Amazon France and Amazon Germany.
Leonard Rosenman's Robocop 2
15-Mar-2019 - Varèse Sarabande has released Robocop 2, a Leonard Rosenman Deluxe Edition. The original RoboCop (1987) was, of course, scored by the legendary Basil Poledouris, but the sequel went in a very different direction. It's the story of Cyborg Detroit policeman Alex Murphy, who is the sole officer on duty after the police force goes on strike against evil conglomerate Omni Consumer Products and its push to foreclose on the city of Detroit. Rosenman's music for RoboCop 2 is an epic action score and has now been expanded by more than forty minutes to make this special issue "deluxe" in every way. Newly mixed and mastered from the original elements at MGM, this is a monster restoration and Varèse Sarabande is so proud to add this score to their CD Club.

Patrick Doyle's All Is True
20-Feb-2019 - Sony Classical has released All Is True with a beautiful score by Patrick Doyle. The year is 1613, and Shakespeare is acknowledged as the greatest writer of the age. But disaster strikes when his renowned Globe Theatre burns to the ground. Devastated, Shakespeare returns to Stratford, where he must face a troubled past and a neglected family. Haunted by the death of his only son, Hamnet, he struggles to mend the broken relationship with his wife and daughters. In so doing, he is ruthlessly forced to examine his own failings as a husband and father. Available from, Amazon UK, Amazon France and Amazon Germany.  
Jerry Goldsmith's Archer/Warning Shot
12-Feb-2019 - La-La Land Records and Paramount Television present the world premiere release of Jerry Goldsmith’s original score from the 1975 Paramount TV series Archer, along with a remastered reissue of Goldsmith’s original motion picture score to the Paramount Pictures 1968 feature film thriller Warning Shot. This CD marks the first time Goldsmith’s thrilling, original Archer score cues have ever been released on any format – and the maestro’s musical genius is plainly evident in his exciting mix of electronics and orchestra. Bonus tracks include bumpers and stereo main/end titles. Likewise, the composer’s riveting film score Warning Shot returns into print, featuring a master sourced from newly discovered music elements. The result is a longer, better sounding presentation of Goldsmith’s film score, compared to our original release. For more info and ordering, visit La-La Land Records.
Jerome Moross' The Cardinal
10-Feb-2019 - Kritzerland will release Jerome Moross' famous score for The Cardinal, a movie by filmmaker Otto Preminger, who loved controversial themes. For The Cardinal, Jerome Moross came up with a stunningly gorgeous main theme, and the other scoring is just perfection, music on a vast canvas, filled with many majestic and emotional moments. For this release, the original two-track album masters were used, as well as the three-track masters for several tracks, including a bonus track not included on the original LP, a more pop-sounding version of the title theme. The tapes were in great condition and Moross’s amazing score sparkles and gleams as never before, rendering any previous releases superfluous. For more info and ordering, visit Kritzerland.
Jerry Goldsmith's L.A. Confidential
2-Feb-2019 - Varèse Sarabande has released the last great noir score of the 20th century, L.A. Confidential, that dives into the glitz and grime of 1950’s Los Angeles as envisioned by legendary master composer, Jerry Goldsmith. Goldsmith’s score is now considered a masterpiece nearly on the level of his landmark ‘Chinatown’, and was nominated for the Best Original Score Oscar. The film received 9 Academy nominations in total with wins for Kim Basinger (Best Supporting Actress) and Best Adapted Screenplay. The film is preserved in the National Film Registry by the United States Library of Congress. This limited web exclusive is only available from Varèse Sarabande.
Tom Holkenborg's Alita: Battle Angel
1-Feb-2019 - Milan Music will release Alita: Battle Angel, a cyberpunk action film based on Yukito Kishiro’s famous manga. The film tells the story of Alita, a futuristic cyborg who wakes in a doctor’s clinic with no memory of who she is. She must soon use her extraordinary fighting abilities to combat deadly forces while trying to uncover the truth behind her mysterious past. The epic action film is scored by Tom Holkenborg (aka Junkie XL). Famous for his scores to Deadpool, Mad Max: Fury Road and the upcoming The Mortal Engines, Tom Holkenborg has produced an epic and symphonic score filled with emotion and packed with action. The soundtrack also includes an exclusive track of Dua Lipa, Swan Song (only on CD and vinyl).    
Ilan Eshkeri's Informer
8-Jan-2019 - Silva Screen Records presents Ilan Eshkeri's soundtrack to BBC's hit character-driven thriller Informer, set in East London. Composed as five stand-alone pieces of music, the score is made up of repeating lines of melodies performed by individual instruments. This reflects the dynamic of the characters in the show, as they weave in and out of each other’s lives with their own agendas. The score is made up from variations of these pieces of music. The score features vocals by Daisy Chute, former member of the classical cross over vocal quartet All Angels. 
For more info and ordering, visit Silva Screen Records.
Gabriel Yared's La Lune Dans Le Caniveau
28-Dec-2018 - In collaboration with Yad Music, Music Box Records presents the remastered and expanded edition of Gabriel Yared’s score to the 1983 drama film La Lune Dans Le Caniveau (The Moon In The Gutter). For the score, Gabriel Yared mixes artfully languages (acoustic and electronic sounds) as well as genres coming from various periods and countries (a flamboyant fugue, a strange and heart-breaking Argentinean tango, a neo-romantic waltz, exotic textures, experimental pieces with a larger ensemble of strings). Gabriel Yared provides blending melodies that speak directly to the heart with more atmospheric themes/orchestrations, at the frontier of the “ambient” genre.
For more info and ordering, visit Music Box Records.

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