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This page contains a list of new features that have been added to the site.

Let SoundtrackCollector look for those hard to find soundtracks on eBay
2-Sep-2001 - Using our new eBay-watch you can keep track of those hard-to-find soundtracks.

SoundtrackCollector will check every day whether the soundtrack you are looking for is offered on eBay. When it is, SoundtrackCollector automatically sends you an e-mail and you can view new offerings through this page.

You can have up to three eBay-watches at a time.

To add a soundtrack to your eBay-watches:
* Go to the soundtrack you want to add
* Select Add to my eBay-watches

Sell your soundtracks: Put a classified ad on SoundtrackCollector
26-Mar-2001 - From now on, if you have a soundtrack to sell you can do it putting a classified ad on SoundtrackCollector. Simply go to the soundtrack you wish to sell in the database (make sure you've got the correct label number so SoundtrackCollector members know exactly what they are buying), click the I have one for sale button, enter the details and price of the soundtrack you wish to sell and you're finished.

Now, every SoundtrackCollector member that has the soundtrack you are selling on their wishlist, will be notified by e-mail and they will get a warning next time they visit SoundtrackCollector, that the soundtrack they are looking for is for sale!

This new feature is still in beta phase so should you have any problems, contact us and we'll try to fix the problem as soon as possible.

Note that SoundtrackCollector merely acts as a facilitator and is not part of any transaction you are going to undertake with any buyer or seller. Therefore we cannot be held responsible for any damages you might incur. Even though, if you have complaints about any SoundtrackCollector member, please contact us.

Select your favorite composers
28-Jan-2001 - Add your favorite composers to your 'favorite composers' list and we'll keep you updated of any of their new additions to the soundtrackcollector database.
How does it work? Browse to your favorite composer, click it and then click the Add to Favorites button.
From then on, each time you enter the site, SoundtrackCollector will check whether any new soundtracks have been added of the composers you selected. If there have been new additions, it will indicate this on the home page and a list of new additions is available.

Print your collection or wish list
21-Jan-2001 - The collection and wish list pages now contain a button to format your collection or wish list for printing.
On the profile page, you can select whether you want to include pictures of the soundtracks on your collection or wish list and set the number of soundtracks you want per page (browser dependent).

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