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Sounds Of TCM, The (1997)

Compilation Album Composer(s):
Maurice Jarre
Nacio Herb Brown
Cole Porter
Erich Wolfgang Korngold
Harold Arlen
Max Steiner
Stephen Oliver
Irving Berlin
Herbie Hancock
Bernard Herrmann
Alfred Newman
Miklós Rózsa
George Gershwin
Jerry Goldsmith
Antonio Carlos Jobim

Released in:

United States

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Rhino Movie Music no label number Image supplied by
Dan Nather

Rhino Movie Music no label number  

United States 
Release Date

Promotional CD. All selections in stereo, except where noted.

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  Track listing

1.  Also Sprach Zarathustra (Thus Spake Zarathustra) (01:39)
The Vienna Philharmonic conducted by Herbert von Karajan, from 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY (1968)
2.  Lara's Theme (Main Title) (02:38)
MGM Studio Orchestra conducted by Maurice Jarre, from DOCTOR ZHIVAGO (1965)
3.  Singin' In The Rain (03:58)
Gene Kelly, from SINGIN' IN THE RAIN (1952)
4.  Too Darn Hot (03:25)
Ann Miller and company, from KISS ME, KATE (1953)
5.  Toot, Toot, Tootsie! (mono) (02:10)
Al Jolson, from THE JAZZ SINGER (1927)
6.  The Adventures Of Robin Hood (01:31)
Composed by Erich Wolfgang Korngold, from THE ADVENTURES OF ROBIN HOOD (1938)
7.  Over The Rainbow (mono) (02:44)
Judy Garland, from THE WIZARD OF OZ (1939)
8.  Gone With The Wind (Main Title) (04:06)
Composed by Max Steiner, from GONE WITH THE WIND (1939)
9.  Just One Of Those Things (mono) (01:34)
Lena Horne, from PANAMA HATTIE (1942)
10.  Opus One (03:25)
Tommy Dorsey and his Orchestra, from BROADWAY RHYTHM (1944)
11.  Anything You Can Do (outtake) (02:38)
Judy Garland and Howard Keel, from ANNIE GET YOUR GUN (1950)
12.  (I'll Build A) Stairway To Paradise (02:42)
Georges Guetary, from AN AMERICAN IN PARIS (1951)
13.  On The Rocks (02:18)
MGM Studio Orchestra conducted by Bernard Herrmann, from NORTH BY NORTHWEST (1959)
14.  The Girl From Ipanema (02:53)
Astrud Gilberto and The Stan Getz Quartet, from GET YOURSELF A COLLEGE GIRL (1965)
15.  Bring Down The Birds (outtake) (01:45)
Herbie Hancock, from BLOW-UP (1966)
16.  House Of Dark Shadows (Main Title) (mono) (00:26)
Composed by Robert Cobert, from HOUSE OF DARK SHADOWS (1970)
17.  The Calling / The Neighborhood (Main Title) (mono) (04:07)
Composed by Jerry Goldsmith, from POLTERGEIST (1982)
18.  Ben Hur (Overture) (06:29)
MGM Studio Orchestra and Chorus conducted by Miklos Rosza, from BEN HUR (1959)
19.  How The West Was Won (Main Title) (03:08)
MGM Studio Orchestra conducted by Alfred Newman, from HOW THE WEST WAS WON (1962)
20.  That's Entertainment (Finale) (01:14)
Fred Astaire and company, from THAT'S ENTERTAINMENT (1974)

Total Duration: 00:54:50
Track listing contributed by Dan Nather

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