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Lola Montès



Lola Montès (1955)

Motion Picture Composer(s):
Georges Auric

Released in:

France, Germany

Drama, Romance, Foreign

Also known as:
  • Fall of Lola Montes, The (1955, Great Britain)
  • Lola Montez (1955)
  • Sins Of Lola Montes, The (1955)

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Compilation Albums

Marco Polo 8.225070 Image supplied by
Piet van de Merwe

Marco Polo 8.225070  

Release Date

Also contains music from:
 Notre Dame De Paris

This label refers to the following compilation album:
 Classic Film Music Of Georges Auric 3, The

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Collection: 29
Wish list: 3

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  Track listing

1.  Main Title - Destiny (03:24)
--> Notre Dame de Paris (Suite) / Tracks 1 - 5
2.  March of the Vagabonds (01:40)
3.  The Tryst - The Assassination Attempt (02:53)
4.  Flowers for Esmeralda (03:22)
5.  Quasimodo's Despair - The Cellar of Montfaucon - Finale (04:25)
6.  Intrada (01:04)
--> Esmeralda (Little dance Suite) / Tracks 6 - 9
7.  Fandango I (01:10)
8.  Jota et Habanera (01:59)
9.  Fandango II (01:24)
10.  Final (01:27)
11.  Main Title - The Circus (03:07)
--> Lola Montez / Tracks 11 - 21
12.  Lola's Childhood & Youth (03:21)
13.  Welcome Waltz (03:23)
14.  The Cossacks (00:54)
15.  From one Scandal to Another (03:31)
16.  Farewell Waltz I (02:38)
17.  Fandango (01:13)
18.  Minuet (02:27)
19.  Farewell Waltz II (02:35)
20.  Revolution in Munich (03:14)
21.  Epilogue (01:58)
22.  Main Title (02:15)
--> Farandole / Tracks 22 - 25
23.  Rêveries (02:05)
24.  Mysteries (02:42)
25.  Subterfuges - Finale (05:19)

Total Duration: 01:03:30
Track listing contributed by micjo197

MGM Records E3480 Image supplied by

MGM Records E3480  

United States 
Release Date
Played by Leroy Holmes and his orchestra.

Also contains music from:
 War And Peace
 Place In The Sun, A
 Friendly Persuasion
 Helen Of Troy
 Living Idol, The
 Duel In The Sun
 These Wilder Years
 Last Wagon, The
 Proud Ones, The
 Baby Doll

This label refers to the following compilation album:
 More Lush Themes From Motion Pictures

Other information
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Collection: 2
Wish list: 0

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