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Cheyenne Social Club, the



Cheyenne Social Club, the (1970)

Motion Picture Composer(s):
Walter Scharf
Joel Hirschorn (songs)
Al Kasha (songs)

Released in:

United States

Action, Comedy, Western

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National General Records NGR-007 Image supplied by

National General Records NGR-007  

United States 
Release Date

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  Track listing

1.  Rolling Stone (03:00)
(Scharf-Kasha-Hirschhorn) James Stewart & Henry Fonda
2.  Theme From The Cheyenne Social Club (02:20)
(Scharf) Walter Scharf And His Orchestra

Total Duration: 00:05:20
Track listing contributed by mister_gs

Compilation Albums

Bear Family Records BCD 16328 AR Image supplied by

Bear Family Records BCD 16328 AR  

Release Date

Also contains music from:
 Rio Bravo
 Ride Back, The
 Man Without A Star
 Back In The Saddle
 Virginian, The
 Big Land, The
 Alamo, The
 Have Gun Will Travel
 War Wagon, The
 One-Eyed Jacks
 Saddle The Wind
 Wagon Master
 Last Sunset, The
 Strange Lady In Town
 Vera Cruz
 Kentuckian, The

This label refers to the following compilation album:
 Rio Bravo & Other Movie And TV Songs

Other information
Members who have this label in their:
Collection: 37
Wish list: 15

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  Track listing

1.  My rifle, my pony and me (02:42)
Rio bravo / Dean Martin - studio version
2.  De guello (02:53)
Rio bravo / Nelson Riddle orchestra
3.  Rawhide (01:43)
From the TV production "Rawhide" / Sheb Wooley
4.  The ride back (02:38)
The ride back / Vaughn Monroe
5.  Man without a star (A whale of a tale) (01:28)
Man without a star / Frankie Laine
6.  Back in the saddle again (02:34)
Gene Autry
7.  The Virginian (02:03)
From the TV series "The Virginian" / Percy Faith
8.  I leaned on a man (02:15)
The big land / Virginia Mayo
9.  Tennessee babe (02:48)
The Alamo / Frankie Avalon
10.  Green leaves of summer (02:22)
The Alamo / Frankie Avalon
11.  Here's to the ladies (01:52)
The Alamo / Frankie Avalon
12.  Ballad of the Alamo (02:33)
The Alamo / Frankie Avalon
13.  Gunsmoke (02:46)
From the TV series "Gunsmoke" / Tex Ritter & Rex Koury
14.  Bonanza (02:18)
From the TV production "Bonanza" / Johnny Cash
15.  The ballad of Paladin (02:30)
From the TV production "Have gun will travel" / Prairie Chiefs
16.  Ballad of the war wagon (02:12)
The war wagon / Ed Ames
17.  Theme from "One-eyed Jacks" (02:28)
One-eyed Jacks / Hugo Friedhofer & orchestra
18.  Maverick (02:08)
From the TV series "Maverick" / Sons of the pioneers
19.  Saddle the wind (02:07)
Saddle the wind / Julie London
20.  Chuckawalia swing (02:36)
The Wagonmaster / Sons of the pioneers
21.  Pretty little girl in the yellow dress (02:16)
The last sunset / Carl Dobkins, jr.
22.  Rolling stone (01:22)
The cheyenne social club / Henry Fonda
23.  Strange lady in town (02:31)
Strange lady in town / Frankie Laine
24.  Vera Cruz (02:10)
Vera Cruz / Tony Martin
25.  The Kentuckian song (03:12)
The Kentuckian / Anthony Perkins

Total Duration: 00:58:27
Track listing contributed by Théophile

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