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Crush, The



Crush, The (1993)

Motion Picture Composer(s):
Graeme Revell

Released in:

United States

Drama, Suspense, Thriller

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Morgan Creek Productions 512 472-2 Image supplied by

Morgan Creek Productions 512 472-2  

United States 
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  Track listing

1.  Skinny Dippers smoke (02:12)
2.  Morning Run (01:59)
3.  I Wanna Show You Something (03:34)
4.  I Have A Perfect View My Darling! (03:17)
5.  If You Go Into The Woods Today (01:54)
6.  Come Out And Play! (02:13)
7.  Picture Perfect (02:56)
8.  Darien's Room (03:48)
9.  You Like To Watch? (04:22)
10.  Mistakes, Mistakes! (02:03)
11.  We Needs To Talk (02:14)
12.  Show Jumping (01:56)
13.  You Can Nevr Be Too Careful (00:57)
14.  Blocked Path (01:12)
15.  Blank / Secrets Alight (03:32)
16.  Making Lemonade! (02:40)
17.  Go Play / Darien's On The Roof! (05:23)
18.  Where Were You Lover? (01:34)
19.  Innocent (00:43)
20.  My Best Friend / Stop It, Stop It! (02:41)
21.  Welcome To My Carnival / Another Letter! (04:12)
22.  End Credits (04:13)
23.  Taste (04:10)
Performed by: Auto & Cherokee
24.  Hard to get (04:01)
Performed by: Starclub

Total Duration: 01:07:46
Track listing contributed by prue-halliwell

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