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Vanilla Sky



Vanilla Sky (2001)

Motion Picture Composer(s):
Nancy Wilson

Released in:

United States

Drama, Mystery, Science Fiction, Thriller, Romance

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Collection: 125
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Reprise 9362481092

Reprise 9362481092  

Release Date

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Reprise Records 9 48109-2 Image supplied by
David Strohmenger

Reprise Records 9 48109-2  

United States 
Release Date

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Collection: 45
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  Track listing

1.  All the Right Friends - R.E.M. (02:46)
2.  Everything in Its Right Place - Radiohead (04:09)
3.  Vanilla Sky - Paul McCartney (02:46)
4.  Solsbury Hill - Peter Gabriel (04:23)
5.  I Fall Apart (03:52)
6.  Porpoise Song {Theme from "Head"} - The Monkees (02:52)
7.  Mondo '77 - Looper (04:54)
8.  Have You Forgetten - Red House Painters (05:28)
9.  Directions - Josh Rouse (03:24)
10.  Afrika Shox - Afrika Bambaataa (03:44)
11.  Svefn-G-Englar - Sigur Rós (09:15)
12.  Last Goodbye - Jeff Buckley (04:33)
13.  Can We Still Be Friends? - Todd Rundgren (03:33)
14.  Fourth Time Around - Bob Dylan (04:35)
15.  Elevator Heat - Nancy Wilson (02:44)
16.  Sweetness Follows - R.E.M. (04:19)
17.  Where Do I Begin - The Chemical Brothers (06:29)

Total Duration: 01:13:46
Track listing contributed by

Compilation Albums

Sony Classical SK 87736

Sony Classical SK 87736  

United States 
Release Date

Also contains music from:
 Saving Private Ryan
 Double Indemnity
 Lost Weekend, The
 Heiress, The
 Sunset Blvd.
 Ten Commandments, The
 Breakfast At Tiffany's
 Rosemary's Baby
 Romeo And Juliet
 C'era Una Volta Il West
 Love Story
 Godfather, The
 Godfather: Part II, The
 Star Trek: The Motion Picture
 Raiders Of The Lost Ark
 Terms Of Endearment
 Beverly Hills Cop
 Children Of A Lesser God
 Untouchables, The
 Fatal Attraction
 Addams Family, The
 Dead Again
 Indecent Proposal
 Firm, The
 Clear And Present Danger
 Mission: Impossible
 Star Trek: First Contact
 Rugrats Movie, The
 Talented Mr. Ripley, The
 Rules Of Engagement
 Mission: Impossible II
 Lara Croft: Tomb Raider
 Sum Of All Fears, The
 Forrest Gump

This label refers to the following compilation album:
 Paramount Pictures 90th Anniversary Memorable Scores

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Collection: 78
Wish list: 18

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  Track listing

Disc/Cassette 1

1.  Saving Private Ryan - Hymn to the Fallen (06:09)
(John Williams) original soundtrack
2.  Double Indemnity - Prelude (03:16)
(Miklos Rozsa) performed by the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra
3.  The Lost Week End - Finale (04:12)
(Miklos Rozsa) performed by the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra
4.  The Heiress - Departure/Morris Suggests Love/The Proposal/Finale (02:40)
(Aaron Copland) performed by the Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra
5.  Sunset Boulevard - Prelude (03:01)
(Franz Waxman) performed by the Royal Scottish National Orchestra
6.  The Ten Commandments - Prelude (05:06)
(Elmer Bernstein)
7.  Breakfast At Tiffany's - Moon River (02:42)
(Henri Mancini / Johnny Mercer)
8.  Hatari ! - Baby Elephant Walk (02:42)
(Henri Mancini)
9.  Rosemary's Baby - Main Title (02:25)
(Christopher Komeda) vocal by Mia Farrow
10.  Romeo and Juliet - Love Theme (1968) (02:33)
(Nino Rota)
11.  Once Upon a Time in the West - Once Upon a Time in the West (03:53)
(Ennio Morricone) performed by Ned Nash Orchestra
12.  Love Story - Theme From Love Story (03:21)
(Francis Lai)
13.  The Godfather - Main Title (The Godfather Waltz) (03:07)
(Nino Rota)
14.  The Godfather - Love Theme (02:39)
(Nino Rota)
15.  Chinatown - Love Theme (02:03)
(Jerry Goldsmith)
16.  The Godfather Part II - End Title (03:53)
(Nino Rota)
17.  Star Trek The Motion Picture - End Title (03:16)
(Jerry Goldsmith)
18.  Raiders of the Lost Ark - Raiders of the Lost Ark (06:03)
(John Williams)
19.  Terms of Endearment - Theme From Terms of Endearment (03:27)
(Michael Gore)
20.  Flashdance - Love Theme (03:29)
(Giorgio Moroder) performed by Helen St. John
21.  Beverly Hills Cop - Axel F. (03:02)
(Harold Faltermeyer)

Disc/Cassette 2

1.  Witness - Building the Barn (04:58)
(Maurice Jarre)
2.  Children of a Lesser God - Main Title (03:00)
(Michael Convertino)
3.  The Untouchables - The Strength of the Righteous (02:22)
(Ennio Morricone)
4.  Fatal Attraction - Fatal Attraction (03:47)
(Maurice Jarre)
5.  The Addams Family - Main Title (02:01)
(Marc Shaiman) contains "The Adams Family Theme" by Vic Mizzy
6.  Dead Again - Winter 1948 (02:55)
(Patrick Doyle)
7.  Indecent Proposal - Flashback & Photos (01:42)
(John Barry)
8.  The Firm - How Could You Lose Me ? / End Title (03:39)
(Dave Grusin)
9.  Clear and Present Danger - Main Title / A Clear and Present Danger (05:24)
(James Horner)
10.  Braveheart - For the Love of a Princess (04:07)
(James Horner)
11.  Primal Fear - Courtroom Montage (02:14)
(James Newton Howard)
12.  Mission: Impossible - Zoom B (02:54)
(Danny Elfman) contains "Mission: Impossible" by Lalo Schifrin
13.  Star Trek First Contact - End Credits (05:24)
(Jerry Goldsmith) contains "Theme From Star Trek TV Series" by Alexander Courage
14.  Titanic - Hard to Starboard (06:50)
(James Horner)
15.  The Rugrats Movie - Baby Shower Happenings (02:23)
(Mark Mothersbaugh)
16.  The Talented Mr. Ripley - Italia (01:39)
(Gabriel Yared)
17.  Rules of Engagement - Semper Fidelis (04:11)
(Mark Isham)
18.  Mission: Impossible 2 - The Bait (01:00)
(Hans Zimmer) contains "Mission: Impossible" by Lalo Schifrin
19.  Lara Croft Tomb Raider - Main Titles (02:06)
(Graeme Revell)
20.  Vanilla Sky - To the Roof (02:21)
(Nancy Wilson)
21.  The Sum of All Fears - The Mission (05:58)
(Jerry Goldsmith) includes "If We Could Remember" performed by Shana Blake Hill
22.  Forrest Gump - I'm Forrest...Forrest Gump (02:40)
(Alan Silvestri)

Total Duration: 02:26:34
Track listing contributed by georgelopez19

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