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X Tracks - The Best Of Sci-Fi Themes, The

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X Tracks - The Best Of Sci-Fi Themes, The (1999)

Compilation Album Composer(s):
David Arnold
Alan Silvestri
John Williams
Mark Snow
Thomas Newman
Jeff Wayne
Brian May
Richard Strauss
Alexander Courage
Marius Constant
Johan Strauss
Stu Phillips
Glen A. Larson
Mark Isham

Released in:

Great Britain

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Musicbank APWCD1015 Image supplied by
Lionel Power

Musicbank APWCD1015  

Great Britain 
Release Date

Perfomed by the Themescape Symphonia.

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  Track listing

1.  Independence Day
2.  Back to the Future III
3.  Close Encounters of the Third Kind
4.  Theme from the X-Files
5.  Phenomena - Change the World
6.  March of the Jedi Knights
7.  The Empire Strikes Back
8.  Yoda's Theme
9.  Star Wars Main Theme
10.  Dredd Song - Judge Dredd
11.  The Eve of the War
12.  Flash (Flash Gordon)
13.  2001 Also Sprach Zarathustra
14.  Luke and Leia (Star Wars)
15.  The Power of the Love (Back to the Future)
16.  Cantina Band (Star Wars)
17.  Star Trek The Next Generation
18.  Main TV Theme from Star Trek
19.  Theme from ET
20.  Theme from The Twilight Zone
21.  Blue Danube (2001 A Space Odyssey)
22.  Battlestar Galactica
23.  Time Cop (Main Theme)

Track listing contributed by Wilson Maffetano

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