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Fratelli (1988)

Television Show/Movie/Series Composer(s):
Armando Trovaioli

Released in:

Italy, Germany

Also known as:
  • Due Fratelli (Italy)
  • Skandal In Verona (Germany)

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RCA Records BL 71933 Image supplied by
Bernard Wadbled

RCA Records BL 71933  

Release Date

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Collection: 2
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  Track listing

1.  Brothers
2.  Headlights In The Dark
3.  Amusement Park
4.  Research
5.  Towards The Truth
6.  Out Of The Confines Of Realty
7.  Falling In Love With Anne
8.  The Game Of The Parts
9.  Monique
10.  In Love As Never Before
11.  Beyond The Fog
12.  Arcades
13.  Chic
14.  Poverty's Baby
15.  Tailing
16.  Back To Anne
17.  In Love As Never Before (Reprise)
18.  Brother's Love Theme

Track listing contributed by mister_gs

Compilation Albums

GDM Music 6003-3

GDM Music 6003-3  

Release Date

3 CD digipack + 12 full colour pages de-luxe booklet.

Also contains music from:
 Riusciranno I Nostri Eroi A Ritrovare L'Amico Misteriosamente Scomparso In Africa?
 Sette Uomini D'Oro
 Famiglia, La
 Sette Volte Sette
 Nuit De Varennes, La
 Dramma Della Gelosia - Tutti I Particolari In Cronaca
 Visita, La
 Che Ora รจ?
 Magnifico Cornuto, Il
 Paolo Il Caldo
 Ieri, Oggi, Domani
 Arrivano I Bersaglieri
 Commissario Pepe, Il
 Nell'Anno Del Signore

This label refers to the following compilation album:
 Armando Trovajoli - Commedie Musicali Canzoni Ballate E Temi Da Film

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Collection: 10
Wish list: 2

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