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V.I.P (1991)

Motion Picture Composer(s):
Krzesimir Debski

Released in:

Poland, France

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Zebra Records ZEBRA CD/01  

Release Date

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Collection: 4
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  Track listing

1.  What About Love
2.  Sorry, Silence
3.  Kremlin
4.  Tartar Princess
5.  To Love
6.  Boss
7.  Death of Chengis-Khan
8.  What About Love
9.  Mirror of Despair
10.  Truncheon
11.  Entrez!
12.  Proncess in Paris
13.  Death of Movie Fan
14.  Love, Sex and Video Tapes
15.  What About Love
16.  Love To Distraction
17.  Castle
18.  Fire
19.  Death
20.  Honda 100 HP
21.  Thifty Love
22.  Enough
23.  What About Love

Track listing contributed by siestadr

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