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Hsiao Chuan Yi Chao



Hsiao Chuan Yi Chao (1979)

Motion Picture Composer(s):
Hsua Chi Chen

Released in:

Hong Kong, Korea (South)

Also known as:
  • Revenge Of The Dragon (United States, video title)
  • Xiao Quan Guai Zhao
  • Fearless Hyena, The

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Express/EMI Japan ETP-10692 Image supplied by

Express/EMI Japan ETP-10692  

Release Date

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  Track listing

1.  Crazy Monkey (03:33)
2.  Monkey Man (03:01)
Both tracks performed by Toshiyuki Kimori (Kirth Morrison)

Total Duration: 00:06:34
Track listing contributed by mister_gs

Compilation Albums

Columbia COCA-14602 Image supplied by

Columbia COCA-14602  

Release Date

Also contains music from:
 Jian Hua Yan Yu Jiang Nan
 Mai Nei Dak Gung Dui
 Quan Jing
 Shao Lin Mu Ren Xiang
 Dian Zhi Gong Fu Gan Chian Chan
 She Hao Ba Bu
 Se Ying Diu Sau
 Long Quan
 Jui Kuen

This label refers to the following compilation album:
 Jackie Chan: Collection Of Trailers & Main Theme Songs

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Collection: 4
Wish list: 2

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  Track listing

1.  Jackie Chan Fist (02:32)
from "To Kill With Intrigue" aka JIAN HUA YAN YU JIAN NAN
2.  Fantasy Mission Force Trailer (02:33)
from "The Dragon Attack" aka MI NI TE GONG DUI
3.  Crazy Monkey (03:06)
from "The Fearless Hyena" aka XIAO QUAN GUAI ZHAO
4.  Spiritual Kung Fu Trailer (03:12)
from "Spiritual Kung Fu" aka QUAN JING
5.  Miracle Guy (03:29)
from "Shaolin Wooden Men" aka SHAO LIN MI REN XIANG
6.  Cunning Monkey (03:35)
from "Half A Loaf Of Kung Fu" aka DIAN ZHI GONG FU GAN CHIAN CHAN
7.  Dangerous Eyes (02:31)
from "Snake And Crane Arts Of Shaolin" aka SHE HE BA BU
8.  Snake In The Eagles Shadow (02:46)
from "Snake In The Eagle Shadow" aka SE YING DIU SAU
9.  Dragon Fist (02:46)
from "Dragon Fist" aka LONG QUAN
10.  Drunken Master (03:22)
from "Drunken Master In The Tiger's Eye" aka JUI KUEN

Total Duration: 00:29:52
Track listing contributed by mister_gs

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