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Bruc. La Llegenda



Bruc. La Llegenda (2010)

Motion Picture Composer(s):
Xavier Capellas

Released in:



Also known as:
  • Bruc - El Desafío

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MovieScore Media MMS-10025

MovieScore Media MMS-10025  

Release Date

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  Track listing

1.  A Defeated Empire (02:58)
2.  Secret Memories (00:39)
3.  Echo (03:24)
4.  Building a Dream (03:05)
5.  Enter the Dark (02:27)
6.  Hostage (01:35)
7.  On Your Knees (03:08)
8.  Heading the Mountain (00:33)
9.  I Want His Head (01:07)
10.  Fear vs Love (02:41)
11.  Will I See You Again? (01:02)
12.  Life Collapsing (01:43)
13.  Garryowen (01:35)
14.  Hidden Shot (02:04)
15.  The Trap (01:06)
16.  Bruc's Destiny (01:52)
17.  Where Is He? (01:58)
18.  Black Soul (01:23)
19.  Birth of a Legend (01:56)
20.  Killing a Friend (01:47)
21.  Bruc Raises (01:40)
22.  Twin Souls (01:25)
23.  Back to Life (03:29)
24.  The Big Lie (01:15)
25.  Bruc (Spanish Version) (03:57)
26.  Bruc (Catalan Version) (download only) (03:22)

Total Duration: 00:53:11
Track listing contributed by JuPe

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