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Maigret Voit Rouge



Maigret Voit Rouge (1963)

Motion Picture Composer(s):
Francis Lemarque
Michel Legrand

Released in:

France, Italy

Crime, Drama

Also known as:
  • Maigret Sees Red

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Compilation Albums

Universal Music France 983 260 1

Universal Music France 983 260 1  

Release Date

Also contains music from:
 Vieux De La Vieille, Les
 Terrain Vague
 Cave Se Rebiffe, Le
 Gentleman D'Epsom, Le
 Homme à La Buick, L'

This label refers to the following compilation album:
 Cinéma De Francis Lemarque, Le

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Members who have this label in their:
Collection: 15
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  Track listing

1.  Thme des Vieux (03:19)
from "Les Vieux de la Vieille" (Francis Lemarque & Paul Durand)
2.  Terrain vague (02:17)
main theme
3.  Roulez jeunesse (01:47)
by Christiane Legrand
4.  On s'aimera d'amour (01:52)
5.  La grande roue (02:37)
6.  Vagues terrains (05:35)
7.  Tes yeux sont deux toiles (02:08)
by Francis Lemarque & Michel Legrand
8.  Final (03:07)
Tracks 2 - 8 from "Terrain Vague" (Francis Lemarque & Michel Legrand)
9.  Gnrique (01:42)
from "Le Cave se Rebiffe" (Francis Lemarque & Michel Legrand)
10.  Thme des courses (02:18)
11.  Valse et thme d'amour (03:04)
12.  Le gentleman aux grandes manoeuvres (05:06)
Tracks 10 - 10 from "Le Gentleman d'Epsom" (Francis Lemarque & Michel Legrand)
13.  Gnrique (01:54)
from "Maigret Voit Rouge"
14.  L'Homme la Buick (03:33)
15.  La douane (02:04)
16.  Paris-Honfleur (05:44)
17.  Armand et Michle (02:52)
Tracks 14 - 17 from "L'Homme la Buick" (Francis Lemarque & Michel Legrand)
18.  L'Opra des jours heureux (03:00)
by Francis Lemarque
19.  A Paris autrefois (01:29)
20.  Music strand (03:01)
21.  Playtime (04:47)
Tracks 18 - 21 from "Playtime" (Francis Lemarque)
22.  Viens sur ma plante (02:49)
by Marianne Mile
23.  La Fouille (02:17)
Tracks 22 - 23 from "Chri Bibi" (Francis Lemarque)
24.  Le ciel, la terre et l'eau (02:16)
bonus track by Francis Lemarque

Total Duration: 01:10:38
Track listing contributed by Frank Marquet

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