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King Of The Royal Mounted



King Of The Royal Mounted (1940)

Motion Picture Composer(s):
Cy Feuer
William Lava (uncredited)
Paul Sawtell (uncredited)

Released in:

United States

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Compilation Albums

Cinedisc CDC 1018 Image supplied by

Cinedisc CDC 1018  

United States 
Release Date

James King-The CinemaSound Orchestra From the Original Republic Scores

Also contains music from:
 Three Mesquiteers, The
 Border Legion, The
 Painted Stallion, The
 Adventures Of Red Ryder

This label refers to the following compilation album:
 Music Of Republic, The - The Early Years - 1937-1941

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Collection: 7
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  Track listing

1.  Republic Emblem "A" (00:14)
William Lava
2.  "Mesquiteers" Main Title (The Three Mesquiteers) (00:52)
William Lava
3.  Mexican Chase (The Three Mesquiteers) (02:01)
Cy Feuer
4.  Two In Pursuit (The Three Mesquiteers) (01:58)
William Lava
5.  Easy Day ( The Three Mesquiteers) (02:47)
Cy Feuer
6.  Mesquiteers Get Going (The Three Mesquiteers) (01:28)
William Lava
7.  Bad Men (The Three Mesquiteers) (01:40)
William Lava
8.  Saddle Tempo (The Three Mesquiteers) (01:35)
William Lava
9.  "Mesquiteers" Theme and End Title )The Three Mesquiteers) (01:29)
William Lava
10.  Chapter Card/Technical Credits (King of the Royal Mounted) (00:17)
William Lava
11.  Main Title (King of the Royal Mounted) (01:09)
William Lava
12.  "The Border Legion" Main Title (00:37)
William Lava
13.  Panorama (Dan Barry Series) (01:04)
William Lava
14.  Main Title (The Painted Stallion) (01:22)
William Lava
15.  Foreward (The Painted Stallion) (01:20)
William Lava
16.  Chapter Card (The Painted Stallion) (00:10)
William Lava
17.  Little Beaver (Adventures of the Red Ryder) (01:03)
William Lava
18.  Desert Chase (Chase Montage) (01:31)
Mort Glickman
19.  Desert Riders (Chase Montage) (03:12)
Alberto Colombo
20.  Race To Destruction (Chase Montage) (02:14)
William Lava
21.  Quick Getaway (Chase Montage) (01:50)
Paul Sawtell
22.  Cy Feuer Interview (14:20)

Total Duration: 00:44:13
Track listing contributed by Gary Watson

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