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A-Z Of British TV Themes, The - The Ron Grainer Years

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A-Z Of British TV Themes, The - The Ron Grainer Years



A-Z Of British TV Themes, The - The Ron Grainer Years (1994)

Compilation Album Composer(s):
Ron Grainer

Released in:

Great Britain, Great Britain

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Great Britain 
Release Date

Also contains music from:
 Assassination Bureau, The
 Only When I Larf
 Paul Temple
 Some People
 Joe 90
 Edward & Mrs. Simpson
 Man In A Suitcase

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Collection: 17
Wish list: 2

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  Track listing

1.  Maigret (01:47)
2.  Midnight In Montmartre (02:30)
from: Maigret
3.  Comedy Playhouse ('Happy Joe') (02:05)
4.  Steptoe And Son ('Old Ned') (02:21)
5.  Fanny Craddock ('Buttered Crumpet') (01:51)
6.  Johnny's Tune (02:32)
from: Some People / performed by The Eagles
7.  Oliver Twist (01:48)
performed by The Eagles
8.  Doctor Who (02:22)
9.  Andorra (02:05)
10.  Man In A Suitcase (02:11)
11.  The Prisoner (02:14)
first version
12.  The Assassination Trot (02:08)
from: The Assassination Bureau
13.  Only When I Larf (Love theme) (02:08)
14.  Detective (02:16)
15.  Boy Meets Girl (02:22)
16.  The Jazz Age (02:15)
17.  Paul Temple (02:23)
18.  Man In The News ('Illicit Cargo') (02:22)
19.  The Trouble With You Lilian ('Counting The Coster') (03:02)
20.  The Train Now Standing ('Green Pastures') (02:41)
21.  Tales Of The Unexpected (02:22)
22.  A Touch Of Velvet - A Sting Of Brass (03:46)
composed by: Mark Wirtz
23.  Theme From Joe 90 (02:40)
composed by: Barry Gray
24.  Born And Bred (02:52)
25.  Tales Of The Unexpected (03:00)
disco version
26.  When Love Grows Cold (03:20)
from: Edward & Mrs Simpson
27.  Doctor Who
disco version
28.  Malice Aforethought (03:35)
29.  Rebecca (06:17)
composed by: Debussy
30.  Conquistadores (01:52)

Total Duration: 01:15:07
Track listing contributed by Mitch Castle

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