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Missing song in the soundtrack

Hi all,

I'll leave a post just in case some other fan of this sonundtrack land here.

In the movie there is a song, music only, that IS NOT in the sound track.
Listen at the 45th minute of the movie, when they begin to navigate the
river, it's a piano riff, very nice, nut it is not in the soundtrack.

Has anyone any idea? Title?


eugy, September 8, 2018; 6:59 AM


What is the film ?

j.castaing, September 8, 2018; 5:30 PM

It could be the American movie UP THE CREEK, directed by Robert Butler in 1984, with original music composed by William Goldstein, or the British UP THE CREEK, directed in1958 by Val Guest, with music by Tony Lowry.

Since I haven't seen none of these, I can't know if the described scene belongs to one or another.

What it is true, is that the soundtrack album to the American film was released in US by Pasha Records in 1984, and it didn't contain one single note of Goldstein's music.

angeldibujo, September 9, 2018; 7:04 PM

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