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Erik Desiderio

Country of origin
United States 

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Hailing from the Washington, D.C. area, Erik started playing music at an early age. His grandfather was a musician who played guitar for Tony Bennett. Erik inherited his grandfather's love for the instrument, and gradually learned how to play bass and piano. Erik was the bass player for the genre-spanning spoken word/Hip Hop group, the Jazz Poets Society. The Jazz Poet's Society has had videos on BET and MTV, as well as performances opening up for the hip hop groups: The Roots, A Tribe Called Quest, and Amiel Laroux. They released two albums, Poets Lounge, and The Show.

He initially became interested in film music when he started writing music for his own films in High School. In 2004, he received his Masters degree in Film Scoring from NYU. Since then, he has won many awards, and worked on films that have screened at the Sundance, Toronto and Tribeca film festivals.

As a music producer, he worked on the Academy Award winning film, The Moon and the Son. He composed the score for the documentary, Seal Hunting with Dad (Natchiliagniaqtuguk Aapagalu), an official selection of the Sundance Film Festival. He won the "Clive Davis Award for Excellence in Music" for his work on the film, Citizen. The Tribeca Film Festival awarded the film, Spandex: A Father's Tale "Best Family Film." Additionally, he won a "Best Original Score Award" for the music that he composed for Island at the First Run Film Festival. Erik currently resides in Los Angeles. 

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