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Lady, The



Lady, The (2011)

Motion Picture Composer(s):
Eric Serra

Released in:

France, Great Britain

Comedy, Drama

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Sony Music 88691905382

Sony Music 88691905382  

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Collection: 20
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  Track listing

1.  Once Upon A Time In Burma (02:01)
2.  The Young Lady (01:26)
3.  Sad Morning In Oxford (01:18)
4.  Love The Wonderland (02:36)
5.  The Red Scarf (03:36)
6.  Rangoon Family Home (01:53)
7.  The Shewdagon Pagoda Speech (03:20)
8.  Glories Of The Raj (00:40)
9.  Pamphlets For Democracy (02:43)
10.  Daw Suu And The Burmese Tribes (01:54)
11.  The Funeral Of Daw Khin Kyi (01:28)
12.  A Flower Through The Gun Line (00:57)
13.  Long Way To Democracy (02:35)
14.  Be Gentle With Yourself (02:52)
15.  Under House Arrest (03:26)
16.  Hunger Strike (03:21)
17.  The Last Hug (02:10)
18.  Landslide Victory (01:48)
19.  Burmese Rain (01:58)
20.  Nobel Peace Prize 1991 (03:10)
21.  Banners Of Freedom (02:13)
22.  Lady In Waiting (01:23)
23.  So Happy You Are Here (01:13)
24.  Unwavering Love (01:37)
25.  Letter From Mikie (01:44)
26.  Be Of Good Cheer (01:37)
27.  Mum Sends Her Love (03:34)
28.  What Kind Of Freedom Is That (01:07)
29.  When The Angels Call (01:48)
30.  The Steel Orchid (01:35)
31.  Seytcha Seytcha (02:10)
32.  Soldier Of Love (05:58)
performed by Sade

Total Duration: 01:11:11
Track listing contributed by Adam Krysinski (

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